Kitesurf school in Castelldefels, Barcelona

Notice: Kitesurf regulation in summer

During summer, the beaches are very crowded and kitesurfing lessons are not allowed. For this reason, the below courses can be booked with very little availability until end September. If you want to enjoy the wind and the sea more freely during the summer months, we suggest you check out our wingfoil lessons. If you are an independent kitesurfer you can kitesurf in the kitesurf zone on weekdays.

Kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurf lessons in Castelldefels, Barcelona

Full kitesurf course

6 hrs / 2 days / €410
Offer €390

The full course is perfect for those who have no (or very little) kitesurf experience. It is full of action! We cover all the basics. Kite control, bodydrag and board practice.

Learn to kitesurf in Castelldefels

Intro Kitesurf Course

3 hrs / 1 day / €210
Offer €190

The introduction kitesurf course is perfect for those who want to discover kitesurfing. The course is full of action and real practise. Feel the power of the kite while body surfing!

Kitesurf school in Barcelona

Progression Course

3hrs / 1 day / €210

This course is for those with some kitesurf experience, we refresh the basic kitecontrol and mostly practise waterstarts and riding. Our goal is to make you a safe and independent rider!

Kitesurf school in Castelldefels, Spain

Private kitesurf lesson

2hrs / 1 day / €210

This private lesson ensures a tailored experience to suit your specific needs, pace, and skill level. We always adapt the lesson to your exact level and your personal wishes!

Learn to kitesurf with a private lesson in Castelldefels

Rent with supervision

2hrs / 1 day / €120

For those who are almost 100% independent, but still miss some confidence to go ride alone. With the rental supervision we make sure you are safe!

Kitesurf rental near Barcelona

Kitesurf rentals

2hrs / 1 day / €90

Rent the complete kitesurf equipment. Also foil and directional boards available on request. Includes wetsuit and harness.

Kitesurf School Mojokite

Learning to kitesurf in Castelldefels, near Barcelona, is a great experience! The beautiful beach, clear blue waters, and consistent winds make it the perfect spot for all levels to practise kitesurfing. With expert kitesurf instructors guiding you through the basics, you will learn to control the kite, feel the power of the wind, and ride across the water. Whether you're an experienced water sports enthusiast or a first-time kitesurfer, Mojokite kitesurf school offers the perfect environment to learn and improve your kitesurf skills.

Gift vouchers for kitesurf

Give any amount you desire. After making the payment, you can download a voucher for kitesurf lessons or rentals. Once the voucher is received, the fortunate individual can either contact us directly or make an online reservation.

Gift vouchers for kitesurfing in Castelldefels, Barcelona

Frequently Asked

Can you kitesurf in Barcelona?
A little south of the city center, in Castelldefels, there is a perfect beach for kitesurfing. Castelldefels is known for its constant winds and has excellent conditions for all levels. The beach has a wide and open area, without rocks or currents, making it an ideal spot for kitesurfing.

What is the best beach in Barcelona to learn kitesurfing?
The best beach near Barcelona to learn kitesurfing is Castelldefels. This beach is located about a 30-minute drive or train ride from the center of Barcelona and is known for its ideal conditions for kitesurfing, especially for beginners.

What is the best season for kitesurfing in Castelldefels?
The best seasons for kitesurfing in Castelldefels are spring and autumn. The weather's great, there's plenty of space on the beach and you often get days with good winds. It's perfect for kitesurfing!