Learn to kitesurf in Castelldefels, Barcelona

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Intro Kitesurf Course

1 day, 3 hrs, €210
Offer €190


Kite Control

Start kite flying using a training kite. Learn how to fly it safely and practise good kite control. Next you will learn how to set up a kite with bar and see how the easy safety system works. We end the beach part by flying a bigger kite to get comfotable with more power.


Body Drag

In the second part of this kitesurf lesson we go into the water with the kite. You will practise control and safety. After this you are ready to understand the power of the kite and fly through the water like superman! This is called the kitesurf bodydrag. Also you will learn how to relaunch the kite from the water.

After this course

After this course, the recommended next step is to take the progression course. This second course will take you to a (more or less) independent level.

Kitesurf lessons in Castelldefels

Learning to kitesurf in Castelldefels is a great experience. The beautiful beach, clear blue waters, and consistent winds make it the perfect spot for beginners to practise their kitesurf skills. With expert kitesurf instructors guiding you through the basics, you'll quickly learn to control the kite, feel the power of the wind, and bodysurf across the water behind the power of the kite! Mojokite kitesurf school offers the perfect environment to learn kitesurfing.


  • No prior kitesurf knowledge
  • No specific fitness level
  • Reservation is necessary


  • All kitesurf gear
  • Wetsuit, helmet and harness
  • Max two students per instructor