Private Kitesurf lesson in Castelldefels

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Private kitesurf course

1 day, 2hrs, €210

Adapted to your wishes

Take this kitesurf lesson for personal guidance and undivided attention from an experienced instructor. This private lesson ensures a tailored experience to suit your specific needs, pace, and skill level. We always adapt the lesson to your exact level and your personal wishes!

The kitesurf equipment

During this private lesson you will get your own complete kitesurf set. All our gear is always up to date and beginner friendly, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. Create unforgettable moments that will stay with you long after the lesson ends!

Specific Request

Next to learning the kitesurf basics we also offer advanced guidance. Do you want to learn to jump (higher) or land a specific trick, try wave riding or foil? Perfect! Let's push boundaries and explore your limits together.


  • Done a beginnner course
  • No board knowledge required.
  • Reservation is necessary

Included in the lesson

  • All kitesurf material
  • Wetsuit, helmet and harness
  • Private instructor