Surf School in Castelldefels, Barcelona

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Learn to surf Castelldefels

Surf Complete Course

5 hrs / 3 days / €140
Offer €120

This surf course is for those who do not have any experience with surfing yet. Learn how to stand up. Learn how to paddle to get moving. Catch a small wave and make your first meters surfing!

Surf castelldefels

Surf Intro Course

2 hrs / 1 days / €48

This beginner surf lesson is perfect for those who want to discover surfing. The course is full of action and real practise. Learn to stand-up and keep your balance on a surfboard!

sup paddleboard rental castelldefels

Surf Single Lesson

1.5 hrs / €43

If you did our surf intro lesson or have other previous surf experience, then this lesson is for you. Practise paddle, pop up and riding waves! The lesson is adapted to your level.

Stand up paddle castelldefels

Surf Rental

1.5hrs / €23

Rent a surfboard for an unforgettable day in the waves. We offer well-maintained surfboards that are in excellent condition. From longboards to shortboards, we have the right board to match your ability.

Learn to Surf in Castelldefels

Learn to surf the waves, catch the perfect ride, and experience surfing in the beautiful waves of Castelldefels. Our expert surf instructors are here to guide you every step of the way, from beginner basics to advanced techniques. With the focus on safety and technique the Mojo surf school offers a supportive and fun environment for all students. Book your surf lesson with us today and start your exciting journey to becoming a surfer!

Gift vouchers for surf

Give any amount you desire. After making the payment, you can download a voucher for surf lessons or rentals. Once the voucher is received, the fortunate individual can either contact us directly or make an online reservation.

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