Progression Kitesurf Course

5 hours / 2 days / 250 euro: the progression kitesurf course is divided into two classes of 2,5hrs each. We always adapt the lesson to your personal level. The following overview is an indication of what you can expect during the course.



Kite control and warming up

We start with the setup of the kite, a bodydrag and some relaunches, just to make sure you feel confident and safe with the kite today - as every day is different in kitesurfing! Also we will cover how to launch and land your kite on the beach and how to control the kite with one hand (as the other hand needs to be free for the board handling).


Ready for take-off

We will show you how to handle the kite and board at the same time: walking into the water while in control of both kite and board, putting the board on your feet, making sure you understand how to balance your body, and doing some small excercises to get you up on the board and riding short distances.



Board recovery

In this warmup part of the lesson, you will learn how to use your body and kite to bodydrag in an upwind direction to recover the board which you maybe lost after a crash. You will need to know this upwind bodydrag to become independent.


Taking off

We will focus on your personal development and give you all the board tips necessary while constantly practising the waterstart. Focusing on the right body and board position, riding stance and kitecontrol while riding. The last class is for you to become completely independent and should make you feel ready to continue advancing on your own!

To book this course, please make a reservation for your next available day. 

Once the progression course is completed, you can continue with supervision sessions with our school. Or you can decide to buy your own gear; we have new and second hand kitesurf equipment and can help you to find the perfect set for your budget.

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