Kitesurf Course in castelldefels, barcelona

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Kitesurf progression course

1 days, 3hrs, €210



After a short refresh on basic kite control and the bodydrag we get ready for the board. Learn to handle the board and the kite at the same time, how to put the board on your feet and find your balance as we start working on the waterstarts!



The next step is to make you as independent as possible. You will practise a lot of waterstarts, getting up on the board and making your more meters. Also you will learn how to recover the board when loosing it after a crash and practise more relaunches so you can always get your kite back up!

After this kitesurf course

Most students will be ready to practise independently. This means you can continue to supervised rentals, or meet with us to get your own kitesurfing equipment.

Kitesurf lessons in Castelldefels

Castelldefels is the perfect place for advancing your kitesurfing skills. Our experienced instructors offer personalized coaching to help you advance your technique, build confidence, and ultimately become a self-sufficient kitesurfer. We will work with you to develop your kite control, board skills, and safety awareness. Book your kitesurf lesson today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the water.


  • Done a beginnner course
  • No board knowledge required.
  • Reservation is necessary

Included in the course

  • All kitesurf gear
  • Wetsuit, helmet and harness
  • Max. two students per instructor