Kitesurf Rental in Castelldefels, Barcelona

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Kitesurf Equipment Rental

Full kitesurf set - €90
with supervision - €120

The kitesurf gear

The best and latest kites and boards for your session. Want to switch kite size mid-session? Or want to test different kitesurf brands? It´s all possible!

With Supervision

Start your kite session with our help to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. We will keep an eye on you during the full session and help you when needed.

Rental options

Twintip, surfboard, foil board, foil kite, freestyle kites. Its all possible! Choose whatever kitesurf equipment you want.

Kitesurf rental in Castelldefels

With its long stretches of sandy beach and consistent winds, Castelldefels is the perfect spot for kitesurfers to enjoy the sport to the fullest. Whether you're looking to practice your kitesurf tricks, ride the waves, or simply cruise along and enjoy the coastal scenery, our rental equipment has got you covered. We offer top-of-the-line kitesurf gear for twintip, foil or waves. Book your kitesurf session today and join us on the best kitesurf beach of Barcelona!


  • Reservation is necessary
  • Know how to ride
  • Know the safety system


  • All kitesurf material
  • Wetsuit and harness
  • With supervision: supervision