Kitesurf Zone in Castelldefels

General info
Between June and September, kitesurfing is regulated on all beaches in Catalonia. For those who practice independently, Castelldefels offers a kitesurf zone. This zone consists of an area 100m wide on the beach, to mount your equipment, and a channel of 200m to go in and out of the water to reach open waters. Once you reach open waters, you can kite wherever you want. But keep in mind that you will have to come back to the beach through this channel. This means, only people with enough level that are able to stay upwind, can kite in the zone.

To enter the zone
To be able to kite in the zone, you have to first pass by the team doing the organization of the zone to pick up your lycra, with which you will be able to go into the water. Access to the zone does not cost anything. You just need to have a liability insurance which includes kitesurf, and you're asked to sign a form stating you understand the rules of the zone.

Here you can get the right insurance through AXA, for 31€ for the full year, or 5€ for one day. If you need help with getting this insurance, please contact us.

Here you can fill in the form to sign up to the kitesurf zone.

Opening hours
The zone opens from Monday to Friday, 16-20h. For twintip you can enter when the wind is stronger than 13kts, foils can enter from 7kts onwards.
The kite zone closes on holidays. In 2024 it closes on the dates 6/24, 08/15, 08/16, 09/11.

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