Learn wingfoil in castelldefels, barcelona

Wingfoil Complete Course

3 days, 6 hrs, €410
Offer €390


The wing

The first day is a lesson of 2.5 hrs and you will learn how to hold and control the wing on the beach. After with the power of the wind in the wing try to control the correct direction with the board. Let´s see if you can keep your balance!


The foil board

In the second lesson of 1.5 hrs you will learn all the basics of foiling. We will use an e-foil so you can practise how to get up on the board and up on the foil! Practise how to stay balanced and catch speed!


Wing and foil

In the last lesson of this complete course you will learn to control the wing and the foil board at the same time. Get cruising with more balance and make more meters!

Wing foil lessons in Castelldefels

Learning to wing foil in Castelldefels is a great experience! The beautiful beach, clear blue waters and consistent winds make it the perfect spot for beginners to practise their wing foil skills. In this course our expert instructors guide you through the basics. You'll learn to control the wing, feel the power of the wind, and practise your balance on a wingfoil board while moving across the water! Mojokite offers the perfect environment to learn how to wing foil.


  • No prior wing knowledge
  • No specific fitness level
  • Reservation is necessary

Included in the price

  • All the equipment
  • Wetsuit and helmet
  • Instructor