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Important information

Getting to your lesson

You can use this address:
Mojokite Barcelona
Passeig del Ferrocarril 54
08860, Castelldefels
Barcelona, España
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Please plan your trip in time and according to our suggestions below!

Payment options

When you booked your lesson, you made a downpayment for your lesson or course. On the day of your lesson you can pay the remainder by:
Cash / Card / Bizum / PayPal
If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please get in touch on the day before your lesson.

Need to cancel?

Please keep in mind that we have a 48hr cancelation limit. If you cancel with less notice, we will have already confirmed the instructor but might not be able to fill your spot. In this case we will keep your deposit to cover the costs.


Lesson days
We teach every windy day; weekdays, weekends, holidays, if it's windy, we teach! We ask you to book your available days on a regular basis, so we can make sure we schedule you in when it's windy.

Lesson times
The lesson times depend on the wind. Usually the best wind is in the afternoon, between 12:00-19:00, but we always check the forecast one day in advance to choose the best time for the lessons. You will receive an update about your lesson the evening before.

No wind?
If the conditions are not good on the day of your lesson, we will cancel your lesson and move it to your next available day / you can reschedule your lesson. This doesn't only have to be on days without wind. We might also reschedule your lesson if there are too many waves, a strong current, a bad wind direction... How do we decide? Check here.

If you cancel your own reservation with less than 48hr notice, we will not have sufficient time to fill this spot. We will only charge you your reservation costs.

We sometimes get fully booked, so it's advisable to book your lessons with a bit of time in advance, to make sure we can schedule you in.

Our kitesurf club
We are located in Castelldefels, which is 30min south of Barcelona by direct train or car. We teach right in front of the train station. Whenever there is no wind, we're not on the beach and the school is closed - then you can find us in the shop. Please check our opening hours before dropping by.

Why there are no kitesurf lessons in Barcelona city center
There are different reasons why we can't teach kitesurf in Barcelona center. The most important one: the most dominant wind direction in our area of Spain simply does not enter in the city; we need wind to kitesurf!

Getting there: by train
There's a direct train to Castelldefels beach leaving every half hour from three of the major stations in Barcelona: Franca, Passeig de Gracia and Sants. There's several trains going to Castelldefels, but there's only ONE train which also stops at the kite beach, and that is the train with destination Vilanova i la Geltru. You get out at the stop called Platja de Castelldefels; you walk out of the station and look to your left - you're there!

Getting there: by car
You need to leave Barcelona in direction Tarragona. If you a have a working GPS on your phone, please use the following address to get to our kitesurf school: Passeig del Ferrocarril 54, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain. If you don't have a working GPS, please get in touch with us so we can see how we can make sure you get here! Parking on weekends can be tricky, so if you plan to come by car on a Saturday or Sunday we advise you to calculate extra time for parking.

Getting there: by bus
Yes, there is a bus. But it's not reliable. It's never on time (if it comes by at all), it takes detours, sometimes it just doesn't stop here unannounced. Please don't take the bus if you're supposed to arrive at a certain time for your kitesurf session :) if you simply want to stroll around Castelldefels before your lesson and use the bus to get here, take the L94 at your own risk!

How many people are in the class?
We teach with a maximum of two students per kite. Sometimes you will be in a group of three, with two kites to share between you - sometimes you will be in a group of two with one kite to share between you - sometimes you will be in a group of two with a kite for each of you. This all depends on your level and control, and the conditions on the day. We always aim to have you practice with your own kite as fast as possible, but of course safety comes first!

Our focus
Kitesurfing lessons with us are focused on action and real learning. We don't like to talk too much, we prefer you learn by doing. Of course we will always go over the necessary theory to make your lesson safe and easy, but the main aim is to get you practicing with the kite as much as possible. We focus on your individual needs and progress, so no lesson will be the same.

Swimming / comfort in the water
For kitesurfing in general (not just for taking lessons), you will need to have a decent level of swimming. Not because we will be swimming much, but for safety reasons, in case you need to let go of the kite in a panic situation, you need to be comfortable swimming back to shore. It's good if you're not afraid of the water or a bit of waves!

You actually do not need a lot of physical strength for kitesurfing. As we're attached to the kite by the harness, we don't need arm strength for kitesurfing. Most of the power will come from the core, but there are no requirements to physical abilities in order to learn kitesurfing.

Age / weight
We do not teach anyone who weighs less than 40kg. This is because you need a certain weight to be able to hold the power of the kite. This usually means you need to be over 12 years old, as well.

As for upper limits; there is no age limit to learning kitesurfing, although in our experience, if you're a bit older you might need some extra lessons. If you're a bit on the heavier side, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need more wind than the average person to get the right amount of power in the kite. So maybe there will be less days on which we will have the right conditions for you to take a lesson.

Our expertise
After 15 years of teaching in the area, we can kind of call ourselves experts on reading the forecast. We check the forecast multiple times a day to keep track of any changes and will be able to tell you whether or not we expect good conditions or not. Please trust us in this decision.

Reading the forecast If you're interested in learning how to read the forecast, you can attend our Forecast Reading Workshop.

We work with the following kitesurfing brands: Ozone Kites, North Kiteboarding, Mystic Boarding, Blankforce Kiteboards.