Blankforce Logic Freeride

An easy riding board for all levels. This board has a light weight paulownia wood core for soft flex and very comfortable riding. It has a mono concave bottom for faster planning, impressive upwind performance and speed. There are four sizes to suit every riders need: 132x40  134x40  137x41.5  140x43

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€ 360

Blankforce Drive

Perfect board for easy upwind. Ideal for beginners or heavy kitesurfers. The drive is a great board for cruising and starting to jump. 

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€ 390

Blankforce Mk3 Carbon

Mk3 stands for the third generation of carbon boards. It has the carbon constuction know how of past models but has been totally re-designed in 2013. We introduced a completely new material: Unidirectional carbon fibers. They work like a bow and direct riders forces directly to the tips. Amazing for freestyle. The cheapest carbon board you will find!

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€ 480